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Unsere Arbeit:
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Initiative für betriebliche Demokratiekompetenz

Strengthening democracy in the workplace.
Countering racism and conspiracy narratives.
Offerings for workforces, companies and vocational schools.


What is an opinion, how free is it and what are its limits?

Conspiracy Beliefs Freedom of speech
According to an Allensbach study (summer 2021), 44 percent of Germans feel that they are not allowed to express their opinions openly. Many fear being punished for their opinion or being excluded from society. Where does this fear come from? And what is an opinion anyway? At what point is it no longer an opinion, … Continued
Training course (presence)

Conspiracy Ideologies and Anti-Semitism in Society and the World of Work

Fake News Conspiracy Beliefs
Conspiracy narratives and targeted disinformation campaigns have become a permanent fixture in recent years. They are spreading rapidly, especially via social media, and are thus becoming a danger to our entire society. Even in everyday work, many people are confronted with information from customers or colleagues that is difficult to classify. They have the potential … Continued
Seminar (presence)

Diversity in the company – team spirit and togetherness

Corporate culture Diversity
Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania
Our working world is as colorful and diverse as our society. Diverse workforces and employees with different backgrounds are not an obstacle, but an enrichment for every company and every authority. They ensure greater creativity, promote customer proximity and innovative strength, and are the key to a company’s economic success. But what concrete measures can … Continued
Workshop (presence)

What do you believe? Countering Fake News on the Net and in Everyday Life at Work

Fake News Media competence
A forwarded message in a group chat that seems strange to you and no idea how you should classify it or even react to it – conspiracy myths and targeted disinformation campaigns have become a perennial topic in recent years. They are spreading rapidly, especially via social media, and are thus becoming a danger to … Continued
Seminar (presence)

Intercultural competence for junior employees

Discrimination intercultural skills
Intercultural competencies are becoming increasingly important, especially for professional life, in order to ensure successful cooperation between diverse teams. This is because individuals with different perspectives, backgrounds and ideas often come together. In addition, prejudices or stereotypes can influence our interaction and communication. Against this background, the model project DiAA – Demokratie in Arbeit und … Continued
Workshop (presence)

What does normal actually mean? – Living Collegiality and Equality in a Diverse College

Discrimination Communication
We all have ideas about what is normal and what we interpret as different. From time to time, we catch ourselves putting our fellow human beings into the category of “the others” through stereotypical and prejudiced thinking. Especially in the workplace, where we spend more time than almost anywhere else, prejudices about supposed “others” can … Continued
Seminar (presence)

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Combating right-wing mobilization attempts in the workplace, strengthening workplace democracy

In conversation with Lukas Hezel from Baden-Württemberg

In recent years, the political far right has increasingly rediscovered the workplace as a battlefield for itself and is trying to position itself there as an alternative to the established trade unions. Many of the worries and needs people have are directly related to the world of work – so it’s no wonder that right-wing … Continued

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