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Unsere Arbeit:
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Initiative für betriebliche Demokratiekompetenz

Strengthening democracy in the workplace.
Countering racism and conspiracy narratives.
Offerings for workforces, companies and vocational schools.


Correctly misunderstood?! – Interculturally competent in everyday life

intercultural skills Communication
Saxony Saxony-Anhalt Thuringia
Our working world is becoming increasingly diverse. Increased immigration of skilled workers and employees from other countries and cultures is also creating new constellations in the world of work. In addition to challenges, this also creates opportunities and new perspectives in everyday working life. The seminar provides an introduction to questions about culture and intercultural … Continued
Seminar (presence)

What does this have to do with me? – Collegial interaction with all

Discrimination Democracy
Female / gay / disabled / non-German / without a high school diploma…there are many reasons for devaluation and exclusion. For a union in which all employees feel welcome and in good hands, it is up to us to initiate change. We all grow up with prejudices and pigeonholes that can be helpful to navigate … Continued
Training course (presence)

Intercultural competence for junior employees

Discrimination intercultural skills
Intercultural competencies are becoming increasingly important, especially for professional life, in order to ensure successful cooperation between diverse teams. This is because individuals with different perspectives, backgrounds and ideas often come together. In addition, prejudices or stereotypes can influence our interaction and communication. Against this background, the model project DiAA – Demokratie in Arbeit und … Continued
Workshop (presence)

Democracy Training for employees in the steel and automotive industry

Discrimination Democracy
Discriminatory statements and actions, the attempt to exert political influence on the part of the radical right and the transformation processes, especially in the industrial sector, are far-reaching challenges for companies and their workforces. We would like to work together with companies to promote a democratic, non-discriminatory and inclusive corporate culture. To this end, we … Continued
Advanced training (modular)

Multiplier training for employees in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry

Co-determination Discrimination
Bavaria Hesse North Rhine-Westphalia
Energy crisis, structural change, intensification of working hours. The multiple crises also have an impact on companies and lead to a loss of confidence in politics, trade unions and fundamental value systems such as solidarity, freedom and equality. The space to exchange ideas and express criticism often does not exist. Instead, false prophets from right-wing … Continued
mixed virtual & presence

Diversity and anti-discrimination in human resources management

Diversity Recruiting skilled workers
Operational diversification as a perspective for the future Increasingly complex social diversity and demographic change pose an enormous challenge, especially for SMEs and their managers. Key buzzwords in this context are shortage of skilled workers, attracting skilled workers and securing skilled workers. At the same time, co-determination, equal opportunities, participation, and protection against discrimination are … Continued

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Combating right-wing mobilization attempts in the workplace, strengthening workplace democracy

In conversation with Lukas Hezel from Baden-Württemberg

In recent years, the political far right has increasingly rediscovered the workplace as a battlefield for itself and is trying to position itself there as an alternative to the established trade unions. Many of the worries and needs people have are directly related to the world of work – so it’s no wonder that right-wing … Continued

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