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Comment guidelines for good joint interaction on the social media channels of the Initiative for Corporate Democratic Competence program

We want to enter into a conversation with you and create an exchange – so we welcome comments, inquiries, agreement and also criticism. However, these should take place within the framework of respectful and fair interaction.

Characteristics of respectful communication, in our opinion, include: Objective and differentiated discussions and criticism, bringing in one’s own perspectives and experiences, contributions staying on topic, and contributions being responsive to the other person.

In order to ensure a respectful discussion culture, we reserve the right to delete and, if necessary, report comments that violate the principles of respectful communication. If users repeatedly make such violating comments, we reserve the right to permanently block or block the corresponding profile on our pages.

The following types of comments violate the principles of respectful communication and will not be tolerated:

I. Racism and other forms of group-based misanthropy

All comments that contain racist, anti-Semitic, sexist, anti-disability and anti-queer statements or spread fake news are not acceptable and will be deleted by us. Likewise, comments that devalue poor people or people with low social status (classism).

II. insults and devaluations

Statements that contain insults and sweeping devaluations of people (groups) are hurtful and will be deleted by us. Criticism is to be expressed at an opinion or thing, not at the person or group of persons.

III. commenting off topic and/or flooding the comment column

Comments under a post should address the topic of the post. Likewise, individual users should not flood the comment column with many similar comments. Comments that violate these principles will be restricted or deleted.

IV. Threats and incitements to violence

Comments that contain threats and incitements to violence may be subject to criminal prosecution. We will report and delete them accordingly.

We assume no liability for comments and reserve the right to adjust the content of the netiquette at any time.

Status: 15.02.2023