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Combating right-wing mobilization attempts in the workplace, strengthening workplace democracy

In conversation with Lukas Hezel from Baden-Württemberg

In recent years, the political far right has increasingly rediscovered the workplace as a battlefield for itself and is trying to position itself there as an alternative to the established trade unions. Many of the worries and needs people have are directly related to the world of work – so it’s no wonder that right-wing … Continued

“Morbus Mediterraneus” – how racist codes endanger people’s health

In conversation with Alissa Jändrosch from Rhineland-Palatinate

Unfortunately, racist prejudices can be found everywhere. In our “Initiative for Workplace Democratic Competence”, people throughout Germany are working with heart and attitude to push back racist prejudices and conspiracy narratives with competence and knowledge transfer. During a project visit in Mainz, we met Alissa, who, together with her colleagues, reported on their democracy work … Continued