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Is that already right-wing? Countering right-wing ideologies in everyday working life

Holocaust denial and openly right-wing agitation continue to be spread by extreme right-wing groups today, but supporters of the “New Right” sometimes also come in a new guise that is not at all easily recognized for what it is – misanthropic ideology. This does not stop at our factory gates either. Shared messages from a telegram group or a buddy’s below-the-belt remark about a colleague’s origins: It’s sometimes not easy to judge whether this is right-wing agitation. After all, what is right-wing anyway? What constitutes a right-wing ideology? And which groups are there, who is behind them and how can I recognize them?

In our seminar, we want to address these questions about right-wing extremism together with employees from the chemical and pharmaceutical industry in Schleswig-Holstein so that they can react confidently, informedly and competently to difficult situations in their everyday work.

Training agenda

Seminar (presence)

What does right-wing actually mean?

  • Perceiving right-wing ideologies, agitation and racism (in language)
  • Right-wing extremism, new right, neo-Nazis…? – Clarification of important terms
  • World view, strategy and manifestation of the New Right (symbols, languages, strategies)

Attitude against agitation at work and everywhere

  • What can I do to counter right-wing ideologies?
  • Argumentation training: Countering right-wing slogans

Learning targets

  • Knowledge is power: Knowing right-wing currents, ideologies and patterns
  • Developing one's own point of view and reflecting on one's stance against the right-wing
  • Confronted with right-wing agitation and racist slogans with confidence
  • Establish the ability to act in everyday work

Contact person

Keshia Kierek, Nesimi Temel

0431 51 95 186, 0160 99 82 45 78, 0431 51 95 174, 0151 62 36 24 18