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Wir sind vielfältig/ Wir sind stark – rassismusfreie Pflege

Region(s): Rhineland-Palatinate Active in: Care Project partner: Förderverein der Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Beiräte für Migration und Integration RLP (AGARP) e.V.

Empowerment offers in a protected space for employees of care institutions affected by racism; awareness-raising and information formats for colleagues not affected by racism

Project target

The project supports employees of care companies who have experienced racism. The offers support the development of self-confidence and action strategies in dealing with racist experiences in daily work. The goal is to work toward the well-being of affected employees.

Target group

Employees with experiences of racism in nursing facilities, colleagues who have not been affected, supervisors of students in nursing schools.


Two different workshop series for the two target groups:

  • Workshop series 1: Training and empowerment of employees of care institutions with experiences of racism in a protected space. The core of the workshop is to approach the levels and mechanisms of racism on an emotional level. In addition, information is provided on legal options in the event of discrimination.
  • Workshop series 2: Aimed at employees and supervisors who are not themselves disadvantaged by experiences of racism in their everyday lives, raising awareness of the issues of racism/right-wing extremism and their effects at the company level.

Project offerings

Racism in the field of nursing – between sensitization and empowerment

Anti-racism strategies Empowerment Recruiting skilled workers
Racism takes place in all areas of society, nursing care and related institutions are no exception. Our project deals with the phenomenon of racism in the field of nursing, our focus is on the prevention of discriminatory situations and the sensitization of the participants for the phenomenon. The decisive factor for our focus on the … Continued
Workshop (presence)

Contact person

Alissa Jändrosch, Johannes Knobloch, Dilan Düzgün, Dr. Dorothea Fuhr

06131 638435

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Project partner

Förderverein der Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Beiräte für Migration und Integration RLP (AGARP) e.V.

Frauenlobstraße 15-19 55118 Mainz

Funding amount

2021: 47.000 EUR
2022: 172.000 EUR
2023: 177.000 EUR
2024: 174.000 EUR