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Vielfalt. LEBEN. Gesellschaftlich WIRken.

Region(s): Saxony Active in: Cross-industry Project partner: Diakonisches Werk Delitzsch Eilenburg e.V.

Customized seminars and consultations for managers, workforces and vocational schools - all about diversity in the workplace, reducing discrimination and prejudice

Project target

Reducing intolerance, prejudice and discrimination in the workplace (for example, on the basis of gender, sexual identity, age, lifestyle, ethnic origin, ideology). Diverse workforces are recognized as an enrichment by employees and employers. We use methods tailored to the needs of the company and the vocational school to create a real-life discussion of the topic of group-based hostility toward human beings. Through the emerging heterogeneity, more creativity and innovation is achieved. We support diversity in our district.

Target group

Workforces and management levels of SMEs in the north of Saxony, vocational schools (teachers and trainees), business development, employer service, regulars’ tables for entrepreneurs, regionally oriented networks


For your company, we offer tailor-made seminars, workshops and consulting services in a trust-building atmosphere. We actively involve your managers/staff in the development of training offers.

  • Offers among others on the topic spectra attitudes and values, knowledge and critical thinking, tolerance of ambiguity and ability to compromise, media and dialog competence, conflict resolution approaches, reflected self-knowledge.
  • Workshops on communication and conflict management
  • Workshops on teamwork/team building
  • Offers in the area of collegial case consultation

Project material

Project partner

Diakonisches Werk Delitzsch Eilenburg e.V.

Bahnhofstrasse 3 04849 Bad Düben

Funding amount

2021: 54.000 EUR
2022: 166.000 EUR
2023: 169.000 EUR
2024: 175.000 EUR