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Unternehmerisch-demokratisch-miteinander für Brandenburg

Region(s): Brandenburg Active in: Cross-industry Project partner: Quirito Academy GmbH

Customized training programs for managers and staff to develop intercultural and democratic skills, raise awareness of racist behavior and discrimination at work

Project target

Development and strengthening of democratic competence in Brandenburg companies as a key competence against ideologies of inequality as well as against right-wing extremism, racism and conspiracy narratives; empowerment of workforces to oppose agitation.

Target group

Managers, senior staff, and workforces of Brandenburg SMEs.


With various exchange formats and educational offerings, we support executives and workforces in developing intercultural workplace competencies, raise awareness of racist and discriminatory behavior and appropriate ways of dealing with them. With our offers, we promote sustainable commitment of Brandenburg SMEs to values such as diversity and mutual respect:

  • Demand-oriented consultations
  • Training courses and workshops on project-related topics that are tailored to your company’s needs
  • Information events
  • Implementation of regular regulars’ tables
  • Multiplier workshops for local actors

Contact person

Jan-Philip Holl

03346 854 159

Project partner

Quirito Academy GmbH

Potsdamer Str. 1-2 15234 Frankfurt (Oder)

Funding amount

2021: 64.000 EUR
2022: 192.000 EUR
2023: 196.000 EUR
2024: 199.000 EUR