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Stärkung der Demokratiekompetenz in Betrieben im Freistaat Sachsen

Region(s): Saxony Active in: Cross-industry Project partner: Bildungswerk der Sächsischen Wirtschaft gGmbH

Practical workshops for executives, trainers and human resources managers to strengthen democratic attitudes and processes

Project target

Strengthening the democratic skills of employees and employers in Saxon companies. Workshops are offered to indirectly strengthen democratic attitudes and processes as well as an active, democratic civil society in Saxony.

Target group

Trainers, employers, human resources managers, other managers in Saxon companies. As key players, the participants pass on their knowledge to the rest of the workforce. Thanks to the strong regional network of the Bildungswerk der Sächsischen Wirtschaft (the project’s sponsor), we also reach small and medium-sized enterprises in structurally weak regions.


Training and workshops to promote democracy skills, including:

  • Building competencies to make informed judgments about political processes, social developments and to form one’s own opinions
  • Teaching values such as tolerance, the will to compromise and respect
  • Raising awareness and imparting knowledge on the topics of right-wing extremism, racism and conspiracy narratives, raising awareness of the effects of ideologies of inequality
  • Relevance to current events and practice: our content for the promotion of democratic competence is based on real-life examples from the daily world of the participants.
  • Space and time for exchange of perspectives and attitudes among participants

Project offerings

Shaping Opinions in the Age of Digitalization

Digitalization Conspiracy Beliefs Fake News
We live in an information society. Thanks to digitization, it has never been so easy to access and exchange a wide range of information in a very short time. But with the triumph of social media, classic media that work according to the quality standards of journalism have been pushed into the background. Information can … Continued

Constructive Debate – A guide

Democracy Corporate culture Culture of discussion
Disputes among colleagues can poison the working atmosphere. We have learned to avoid disputes and to ensure harmony within the team – but democracy in Germany thrives on constructive debates! By arguing properly, we come to terms with other opinions and can look beyond our own horizons and better understand our counterparts. Germany is characterized … Continued

Contact person

Julius Kunath

0351 4250294

Social Media

Project partner

Bildungswerk der Sächsischen Wirtschaft gGmbH

Rudolf-Walther-Straße 4 01156 Dresden

Funding amount

2021: 65.000 EUR
2022: 192.000 EUR
2023: 192.000 EUR
2024: 126.000 EUR