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„mit wirken” – Unternehmen in der Kyffhäuserregion stärken ihre Demokratiekompetenz

Region(s): Thuringia Active in: Cross-industry Project partner: VHS-BILDUNGSWERK GmbH

Workshops for workforces to strengthen participation skills, communication skills and an open and diverse working environment

Project target

“mit wirken” supports workforces in the Kyffhäuser district of Thuringia in building up democratic, social and methodological skills in everyday work.

Target group

Workforces of SMEs in the Kyffhäuser district of Thuringia, including works council members and human resources managers


Workshops, seminar series and trainings to strengthen democratic competence, including the following topics and contents:

  • Promoting communication techniques and the ability to compromise
  • Promoting a diverse and open working environment
  • Acquisition of self-efficacy experiences, getting to know possibilities of co-determination in the company
  • Reflection of own positions and attitudes, exchange of experiences
  • Activation of democratic commitment and political interest
  • Establishment of communication structures in the company that promote participation

Contact person

Steffen Bohse (AWZ-Leitung)

03466 208 97 14

Social Media

Project partner


Rudolf-Breitscheid-Str. 22 06556 Artern/Unstrut

Funding amount

2021: 56.000 EUR
2022: 177.000 EUR
2023: 181.000 EUR
2024: 187.000 EUR