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IZBD² – Innovationszentrum Bayern für Diversity und Demokratie

Region(s): Bavaria Active in: Cross-industry Project partner: Tür an Tür Integrationsprojekte gGmbH

Point of contact for companies and other labor market players for all matters relating to diversity promotion and democracy education in the world of work. Information on programs, projects and funding opportunities in the field in Bavaria, development of offers for workforces.

Project target

The IZBD² is the point of contact for companies and other labor market actors in all matters relating to the promotion of diversity and democracy education in the world of work. In a database, the IZBD² collects all relevant educational policy and institutional offers and programs, further develops existing offers for companies and implements them as models. As a contact point, it takes up the needs of SMEs, educational institutions, associations and trade unions, initiates processes, supports implementation, provides lessons learned, networks and expands information channels.

Target group

SMEs, company structures, associations, trade unions, educational and civil society actors, politics


As a central point of contact in Bavaria, the IZBD² informs companies and other labor market actors about diversity promotion and democracy education and develops new practical concepts.

  • Creation of transparency: bundling of proven concepts on diversity training, collection of existing programs, subsidies, organizational development measures, employee survey instruments and democracy education offerings
  • Networking of actors in the world of work in Bavaria, synergies and agreements on existing programs, cooperation with chambers, associations, trade unions
  • Creation and testing of new concepts for SMEs; concepts for teachers and students at vocational schools

Project offerings

Democratic Diversity and Diverse Democracy

Diversity Empowerment Democracy
Young perspectives for in front of and behind the factory gate Diversity is our social reality – at school, in the training company and, of course, in our free time. But what does that actually mean and why is that (k)a problem? What does it possibly have to do with democracy and emancipation? And what … Continued
Workshop (presence)

Diversity and Democracy in Everyday School Life: Challenges Critical of Discrimination in the Transition from School to Work

Racism Sexism Diversity
Diversity – in terms of ethnicity, skin color, gender, sexual lifestyle, age, physical constitution, social affiliation and/or origin, religion, world view, and much more – is our social reality. However, this is often still accompanied by experiences of discrimination. These exclusion practices experienced on the interpersonal level, i.e. in people’s dealings with one another, are … Continued
Workshop (presence)

Diversity and anti-discrimination in human resources management

Diversity Recruiting skilled workers Anti-discrimination
Operational diversification as a perspective for the future Increasingly complex social diversity and demographic change pose an enormous challenge, especially for SMEs and their managers. Key buzzwords in this context are shortage of skilled workers, attracting skilled workers and securing skilled workers. At the same time, co-determination, equal opportunities, participation, and protection against discrimination are … Continued

Initial consultation for companies ‘Strengthening diversity, anti-discrimination and democratic culture in the company’

Democracy Corporate culture Diversity
Our society, and thus also the workforces in companies, are more diverse and complex than ever before. At the same time, co-determination, equal opportunities, participation, and protection against discrimination play a decisive role for more and more employees in their professional orientation. Companies are therefore increasingly confronted with issues that go hand in hand with … Continued

Contact person

Düzgün Polat, Vanessa Kohlmann, Paul Sörensen

+49 (821)90799737, +49 (821)90799736, +49 (821)90799738

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Project partner

Tür an Tür Integrationsprojekte gGmbH

Wertachstr. 29 86153 Augsburg

Funding amount

2021: 60.000 EUR
2022: 200.000 EUR
2023: 200.000 EUR
2024: 200.000 EUR