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Einer von uns – Chemie und Pharma = Zukunftsbranche + Demokratiekompetenz

Region(s): Bavaria, Hesse, Thuringia, North Rhine-Westphalia Active in: Chemistry/Pharmaceutical Project partner: Qualifizierungsförderwerk Chemie GmbH

Qualification of employees, managers and works council members as multipliers for democratic competence, support in the implementation of democracy projects in the company, support in the conclusion of company or social partner agreements

Project target

Participating model companies, primarily SMEs, position themselves against anti-democratic/right-wing extremist tendencies and for diversity. The aim is to conclude company agreements and/or social partner agreements. Part of these agreements is, among other things, the participation of company employees in a qualification as multipliers in the area of democratic competence. The trained multipliers disseminate their knowledge within the company and promote internal and external democracy projects. The project results in the form of company/social partner agreements, training content, best practice examples and self-learning units are published and used for cross-industry, nationwide transfer.

Target group

Company representatives from the employer side (e.g. employees from the HR department, trainers, selected specialist staff, junior managers, executives) and representatives from the employee side (e.g. works council members, members of the youth and trainee representation, store stewards).


Two-year training program for employees to become multipliers for democratic competence (classroom format, supplemented by online learning formats).

  • A total of three qualification cycles are carried out
  • We offer coaching sessions (virtual or on-site) to provide individual support for prospective multipliers.
  • We support the transfer of knowledge to the individual company and the initiation of democracy projects in the company.
  • For the design of the democracy projects and the transfer of knowledge into the company, experts from the company environment are involved as part of a regional network.

Project offerings

Multiplier training for employees in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry

Discrimination Democracy Digitalization
Bavaria Hesse North Rhine-Westphalia
Energy crisis, structural change, intensification of working hours. The multiple crises also have an impact on companies and lead to a loss of confidence in politics, trade unions and fundamental value systems such as solidarity, freedom and equality. The space to exchange ideas and express criticism often does not exist. Instead, false prophets from right-wing … Continued
mixed virtual & presence

Project material

Contact person

Freia Polzin

0511 7631 855

Project partner

Qualifizierungsförderwerk Chemie GmbH

Königsworther Platz 6 30167 Hannover

Funding amount

2021: 64.000 EUR
2022: 189.000 EUR
2023: 192.000 EUR
2024: 185.000 EUR