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DRIFT: Hand in Hand im Betrieb – Haltung zeigen. Kollegiales Miteinander stärken

Region(s): Saxony-Anhalt Active in: Glass, wood, packaging, food Project partner: Arbeit und Leben Sachsen-Anhalt gGmbH

Innovative educational formats and support for employees and works council members: All around the possibilities of co-determination and co-design in the company, commitment to diversity and against discrimination.

Project target

DRIFT supports workforces and works councils in the possibilities of collective co-determination and representation of interests in the company in non-formal ways and in the development of a diversity- and engagement-conscious company culture. In the long term, a sustainable change in attitude is to be initiated in the workforce: Diversity and participation are seen as an opportunity and a strength, and discrimination is reflected upon and addressed by the workforce itself.

Target group

Small and medium-sized enterprises and vocational schools in the glass, wood, packaging and food industries in Saxony-Anhalt. We address workforces, works councils, vocational school students and vocational school teachers.


Modular qualification of employees as company multipliers: Together, we explore the potential for co-determination and design in the company in order to establish a corporate culture based on diversity, participation and co-design. In our needs-oriented and process-accompanying training programs, we use innovative

  • we use innovative methods from engagement organizing, e.g. company maps, strength/weakness analyses, business games, workshops
  • critical-emancipatory approaches are used to convey experiences of self-efficacy, for example in the course of shaping one’s own (working) environment

As multipliers, the participating employees carry their new competencies, ideas and knowledge into the wider workforce and initiate new processes.

Contact person

Lisa Krotz

0172 4065929

Social Media

Project partner

Arbeit und Leben Sachsen-Anhalt gGmbH

Stresemannstr. 18/19 39104 Magdeburg

Funding amount

2021: 74.000 EUR
2022: 195.000 EUR
2023: 195.000 EUR
2024: 195.000 EUR