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DiAA – Demokratie in Arbeit und Ausbildung

Region(s): Saxony-Anhalt Active in: Cross-industry Project partner: Auslandsgesellschaft Sachsen-Anhalt e.V.

Awareness-raising and further training offers for companies located in the rural area of Saxony-Anhalt North and vocational schools around the topics of diverse workforce, intercultural competencies, anti-discrimination.

Project target

Since September 2021, the Auslandsgesellschaft Sachsen-Anhalt e.V. (AGSA) has been implementing the model project DiAA – Democracy in Work and Training as part of the BMAS – program “Our Work: Our Diversity” – Initiative for Workplace Democratic Competence. DiAA aims to sensitize trainees and leaders in companies and in training for the topics of intercultural opening, diversity and anti-discrimination and to teach or continuously establish these as sustainable competencies in the field of democracy education. Strengthening democracy and acquiring diversity competence in the sense of intercultural openness represent a strategic response to the challenges of demographic change and migration in order to ensure that skilled workers can be recruited and secured for the future.

Target group

Companies, vocational training centers and training providers, employees, trainees and other regional stakeholders from politics, administration and civil society


Awareness-raising and further training offers, practical exercise and reflection units, individually adapted support offers on the topics of democracy building, intercultural opening, diversity and anti-discrimination in the context of recruiting and securing skilled workers:

  • Recognition of the added value of social diversity, mechanisms of structural discrimination
  • Reflection on own stereotypes and attitudes related to discrimination; effects of experiences of discrimination
  • Developing skills in dealing with resistance and conflicts in the work context
  • By promoting democratic competence in companies, we support – in line with the Council of Europe (2018)- a democratic culture in companies, which leads to a sustainable securing of skilled workers in the company

We advise you, determine the needs in your company and design tailored seminars, workshops and potential certification offers.

Project offerings

Intercultural competence for junior employees

Discrimination intercultural skills Anti-racism strategies
Intercultural competencies are becoming increasingly important, especially for professional life, in order to ensure successful cooperation between diverse teams. This is because individuals with different perspectives, backgrounds and ideas often come together. In addition, prejudices or stereotypes can influence our interaction and communication. Against this background, the model project DiAA – Demokratie in Arbeit und … Continued
Workshop (presence)

Communication and body language

Culture of discussion Communication Diversity
This workshop is about the role of verbal and non-verbal communication. The goal is to develop an awareness of how communication and body language work. Various exercises are used to reflect on one’s own communication and body language, and awareness is raised of behavioral aspects in an intercultural context. In addition, different aspects are tested, … Continued
Workshop (presence)

Employee satisfaction and onboarding

Corporate culture Employee satisfaction Diversity
The shortage of skilled workers in rural areas is currently one of the greatest economic challenges in Saxony-Anhalt. Not least, the situation has again worsened due to the Corona crisis. Small and medium-sized enterprises face the problem of not being able to find new employees and not having sufficient incentives to retain existing staff. Which … Continued
Workshop (presence)

Contact person

Mareike Schwarz, Bernadette Dawoud, Gavin Theren

0391 5371 263; 0391 5371 264, 0391 5371 201

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Project partner

Auslandsgesellschaft Sachsen-Anhalt e.V.

Schellingstraße 3-4 39104 Magdeburg

Funding amount

2021: 56.000 EUR
2022: 171.000 EUR
2023: 179.000 EUR
2024: 187.000 EUR