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Demokratie BAUen!

Region(s): Nationwide Active in: Construction Project partner: PECO-Institut e.V.

Practical training for employees, works council members and trade union volunteers on how to deal with racism and right-wing extremism in the workplace and on the construction site, project days for vocational schools

Project target

Structural change in the construction industry and the increase in the awarding of construction contracts by large general contractors to other subcontractors have changed working conditions. A wide variety of companies are often active on a construction site, and the pressure of competition among workforces is increasing. “Demokratie BAUen” counteracts further polarization between and within construction workforces and the spread of racist and right-wing extremist attitudes among employees. Participating employees develop new democracy skills and can pass on their new knowledge to the wider workforce.

Target group

Workforces, works councils, youth and trainee representatives, volunteer trade union members from companies throughout the construction industry; students and teachers at vocational schools and training centers (nationwide)


Workshops / coaching for staff members, works council members, members of youth and trainee representatives and volunteer trade union members

  • on discrimination, racism, empowerment, conspiracy narratives, right-wing extremism and other topics
  • Accompanying participants in the implementation of their own projects on construction sites and in the company

Project days for vocational school students/apprentices:

  • Raising awareness of the issues of racism, conspiracy narratives, discrimination in the workplace, learning about possible courses of action against discrimination

Trainings for teachers at vocational schools/ training centers:

  • Getting to know options for action in case of discriminatory statements and behavior in learning groups and possible own projects for diversity and openness at the vocational school

Project offerings

What does this have to do with me? – Collegial interaction with all

Discrimination Democracy Corporate culture
Female / gay / disabled / non-German / without a high school diploma…there are many reasons for devaluation and exclusion. For a union in which all employees feel welcome and in good hands, it is up to us to initiate change. We all grow up with prejudices and pigeonholes that can be helpful to navigate … Continued
Training course (presence)

We all move from time to time! – Migration as a life theme

Racism Migration Diversity
Let those of us who have never moved cast the first stone! However, we seem to feel the urgent need to evaluate which move is good and which is to be judged as bad. Migration is one of the fighting issues in our society. People are for it or against it. But what does migration … Continued
Training course (presence)

Solidarity and trade union? Solidarity through trade union!

In the trade union environment, the word “solidarity” plays a large and omnipresent role. But what is actually behind it?! After all, there is no single definition of solidarity. For example, one can distinguish between inward and outward solidarity. Inward solidarity takes place within a community. The members in a community support each other. Outward … Continued
Workshop (presence)

Project partner

PECO-Institut e.V.

Luisenstraße 38 10117 Berlin

Funding amount

2021: 100.000 EUR
2022: 200.000 EUR
2023: 200.000 EUR
2024: 200.000 EUR