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Democracy Works (DeWorks)

Region(s): Berlin Active in: Cross-industry Project partner: La Red e.V.

Educational and counseling services for SMEs in dealing with diversity and with conflicts: We promote democratic engagement and addressing discrimination, racism, right-wing extremism and conspiracy narratives; special multilingual support for migrant employees.

Project target

Joint confrontation of workplaces, their workforces and immigrant communities with racisms (towards and among immigrants), right-wing extremism, extreme nationalisms, anti-Semitism and conspiracy narratives.

Target group

Companies (migrant and non-migrant workforces), immigrant communities, vocational students


“Democracy Works” takes up the existing diversity in workforces and the challenges associated with it as a starting point for cooperation between companies and the project sponsor La Red as a cross-community migrant organization. We support companies, workforces and migrant workers* in dealing with diversity and with conflicts, we promote democratic engagement and the confrontation of with discrimination, racism, right-wing extremism and conspiracy narratives. We offer:

  • Trainings, in-house social media activities, awareness and participation events for SMEs
  • For migrant workers*: Training in community seminars, support on engagement and co-determination (multilingual seminar offer)

Contact person

Raúl Gil Benito

030 457989 550

Social Media

Project partner

La Red e.V.

Alt-Reinickendorf 25 13407 Berlin

Funding amount

2021: 150.000 EUR
2022: 186.000 EUR
2023: 190.000 EUR
2024: 198.000 EUR