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DDD – Gegen Diskriminierung, für Demokratie und Diversität in Berlin Betrieben

Region(s): Berlin Active in: Cross-industry Project partner:

Educational offers for works council members, members of youth and trainee representatives, vocational students and vocational school teachers in dealing with social, gender, sexual and religious diversity in a company context.

Project target

Qualification, sensitization and support of works councils, members of youth and trainee representations, vocational students and vocational school teachers in dealing with social, gender, sexual and religious diversity, the promotion of democratic competence and the prevention of conspiracy narratives among the aforementioned target groups. There are also plans to certify participating companies as “discrimination-sensitive companies”, to create network structures for the trained vocational school students and works councils, and to regularly exchange experiences and deepen the training courses.

Target group

Works council members, youth and trainee representatives and vocational students in companies, primarily SMEs.


  • Two five-day training courses for works council members every year
  • Two one-day workshops per school semester for vocational school students
  • Two two-day in-depth and networking meetings per year for trained works council members, youth and trainee representatives, and vocational school students

As multipliers, the participants then disseminate their knowledge in the workforce and vocational school classes. We develop customized methods and materials for the training courses, which our participants can also use to transfer knowledge to their companies and vocational school classes.

Project offerings

What is an opinion, how free is it and what are its limits?

Conspiracy Beliefs Freedom of speech Culture of discussion
According to an Allensbach study (summer 2021), 44 percent of Germans feel that they are not allowed to express their opinions openly. Many fear being punished for their opinion or being excluded from society. Where does this fear come from? And what is an opinion anyway? At what point is it no longer an opinion, … Continued
Training course (presence)

Contact person

Christian Kautz

030 78 09 55 01

Project partner

Dudenstraße 6 10965 Berlin

Funding amount

2021: 47.000 EUR
2022: 157.000 EUR
2023: 159.000 EUR
2024: 161.000 EUR