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Damit die Chemie stimmt – Gegen Demokratiefeindlichkeit im Betrieb und in der Region Schleswig-Holstein

Region(s): Schleswig-Holstein Active in: Chemistry and chemical processing industry Project partner: Arbeit und Leben e.V.

Individually tailored argumentation training, education and consulting services for works councils, workforces and managers on how to deal with discrimination, group-related misanthropy and conspiracy narratives in the workplace.

Project target

With awareness-raising and qualification measures and process support, employees, interest groups and management personnel in the chemical industry in Schleswig-Holstein are enabled to act in a way that promotes democracy and to stand up against ideologies of inequality. The understanding of democracy and equality among the target group as well as an open and appreciative interaction with each other are promoted. In addition to knowledge, concrete action skills are also taught and participants are enabled to anchor the topics structurally in the company.

Target group

Works council members, youth and trainee representatives, staff, human resources managers and other executives from companies in the chemical sector and chemical processing industry in Schleswig-Holstein


Individual education and counseling formats for employees and managers on the topics of

  • Information and awareness-raising on group-based hostility (including racism, sexism, Muslimophobia, devaluation of people with disabilities, LGTBQ hostility)
  • Awareness-raising formats on conspiracy ideologies
  • Argumentation trainings against anti-democratic positions
  • Development of action strategies to strengthen democracy in the workplace

The offers are carried out in cooperation with the Industrial Union for Mining, Chemistry and Energy (IGBCE) Schleswig-Holstein and are offered both analog and digital.

Project offerings

What do you believe? Countering Fake News on the Net and in Everyday Life at Work

Fake News Media competence Conspiracy Beliefs
A forwarded message in a group chat that seems strange to you and no idea how you should classify it or even react to it – conspiracy myths and targeted disinformation campaigns have become a perennial topic in recent years. They are spreading rapidly, especially via social media, and are thus becoming a danger to … Continued
Seminar (presence)

Democratic togetherness – living solidary values and communication in the company

Democracy Communication Media competence
Chemical and pharmaceutical companies face a variety of challenges that must be overcome from within, because crises and uncertainty that are not named and addressed collectively create dissatisfaction – among the workforce and management. An appreciative work culture, democratic processes and recognition are the basis for employees feeling comfortable and happy to come to work … Continued
Seminar (presence)

Conspiracy Ideologies and Anti-Semitism in Society and the World of Work

Fake News Conspiracy Beliefs Argumentation training
Conspiracy narratives and targeted disinformation campaigns have become a permanent fixture in recent years. They are spreading rapidly, especially via social media, and are thus becoming a danger to our entire society. Even in everyday work, many people are confronted with information from customers or colleagues that is difficult to classify. They have the potential … Continued
Seminar (presence)

What does normal actually mean? – Living Collegiality and Equality in a Diverse College

Discrimination Communication Corporate culture
We all have ideas about what is normal and what we interpret as different. From time to time, we catch ourselves putting our fellow human beings into the category of “the others” through stereotypical and prejudiced thinking. Especially in the workplace, where we spend more time than almost anywhere else, prejudices about supposed “others” can … Continued
Seminar (presence)

Support diversity and collegiality

Corporate culture Anti-discrimination Anti-racism strategies
Antidemocratic aspirations are currently a growing problem in Europe and around the world. We are also noticing these changes in the world of work. The chemical and pharmaceutical industries in particular are going through periods of major upheaval and change – crises and uncertainty can be the cause of dissatisfaction – and this also applies … Continued
Seminar (presence)

Democratic coexistence – What does democratic mean again?

Democracy Corporate culture
Democracy is a big word – but we rarely fill it with concrete content. While anti-democratic efforts have been on the rise in Europe and around the world for years – in Germany, too, the value and achievements of our democracy are repeatedly doubted or even disputed in terms of how our living conditions have … Continued
Seminar (presence)

Is that already right-wing? Countering right-wing ideologies in everyday working life

Right-wing extremism Argumentation training Anti-racism strategies
Holocaust denial and openly right-wing agitation continue to be spread by extreme right-wing groups today, but supporters of the “New Right” sometimes also come in a new guise that is not at all easily recognized for what it is – misanthropic ideology. This does not stop at our factory gates either. Shared messages from a … Continued
Seminar (presence)

Right-wing extremism in the workplace – raising awareness and developing measures

Right-wing extremism Labor law Anti-racism strategies
Experience shows: Workplaces reflect the average of society, so misanthropic and right-wing extremist tendencies also show up in the workplace, just as they do in our society. Sometimes right-wing extremist colleagues can be found, endangering the working atmosphere and collegial cooperation. Companies, managers and works councils are called upon to act. The best prevention is … Continued
Seminar (presence)

Contact person

Anna Tötter, Nesimi Temel

0431 51 95 174, 0151 62 36 24 18

Social Media

Project partner

Arbeit und Leben e.V.

Legienstr. 22-24 24103 Kiel

Funding amount

2021: 68.000 EUR
2022: 169.000 EUR
2023: 171.000 EUR
2024: 180.000 EUR