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Connect – Vielfalt durch Teilhabe

Region(s): Nationwide Active in: Trade and logistics, food production and processing, construction and agriculture Project partner: DGB-Bildungswerk Thüringen e.V.

Good work in the workplace - without racism and discrimination. A task for all of us. Information booths, lectures, educational offers for your staff, works council members and vocational schools. Individual support around workplace co-determination, (anti-)discrimination, racism, conspiracy narratives.

Project target

Conspiracy myths, racism, right-wing extremism – social cohesion is being severely tested. We are also noticing this in our companies. Together with you – the workforce – we want to counter this with our offer. We raise awareness of the issues of discrimination in the workplace, combat conspiracy myths, motivate employees to participate in democratic processes and act in solidarity, and provide information on ways of shaping the workplace. With our offers we also want to reach employees who are often more difficult to reach for (political) educational offers – for example migrant employees or employees of non-organized companies.

Target group

Employees, employees in SMEs who are particularly affected by discrimination, employees in non-organized companies, works council members, committed colleagues, vocational students, vocational school teachers, trainers


We offer you one-day trainings, short impulses, participate in your company meetings, retreats or conferences. We are there for you online or on-site at your company. Possibilities are for example:

  • Information events on anti-discrimination, racism, conspiracy narratives in the workplace
  • Argumentation trainings against discriminatory statements
  • Information booths on discrimination and co-determination at the workplace
  • Counseling sessions for works councils and employees on possible courses of action
  • Provision of contact points and contacts, collections of materials on anti-discrimination
  • Empowerment and information for groups that have so far been poorly represented in works committees, e.g. migrant colleagues

Not found what you are looking for? Then feel free to send us an e-mail or give us a call.

Project offerings

Argumentation training against discriminatory statements in the company

Argumentation training Anti-racism strategies Anti-discrimination
Every person is entitled to live as they wish, as long as this does not harm anyone else. This is not only stated in the Basic Law, but is also a task for works councils and for us as trade unionists. Nevertheless, we experience racism, discrimination and conspiracy theories within the workforce again and again. … Continued

Contact person

Anne Willecke

0361 21727 19

Social Media

Project partner

DGB-Bildungswerk Thüringen e.V.

Schillerstraße 44 99096 Erfurt

Funding amount

2021: 44.000 EUR
2022: 170.000 EUR
2023: 173.000 EUR
2024: 180.000 EUR