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CHiB – Couragiert Handeln im Betrieb

Region(s): Saarland Active in: Automobile and steel Project partner: Netzwerk für Demokratie und Courage Saar e. V. - Landesnetzstelle Saarland

Recognizing group-based hostility and discrimination and standing up together against it: Project days in vocational schools, consulting and training for company multipliers for works councils, JAV and workforces

Project target

“Couragiert Handeln im Betrieb” raises awareness among employees, works councils and vocational students about discrimination and ideologies of inequality in everyday work. Our consultations and training sessions show committed employees and those affected how to take a stand against ideologies of inequality and stand up for a democratic, non-discriminatory and inclusive workplace culture.

Target group

Employees, works councils, apprentices, vocational students and vocational school teachers in the automotive and steel industry.


Advice for co-determination bodies:

  • How can a company position itself sustainably against group-related misanthropy, discrimination, racism and conspiracy narratives? What educational programs and structural changes are needed? Qualified consultants implement the consulting processes and develop customized concepts together with the co-determination bodies.

Further training for employees:

  • Qualification as multipliers in a three-day seminar. Participants bring new knowledge, ideas and actions back to their companies.

Project days for vocational schools:

  • On various phenomena of group-related misanthropy. In addition to raising awareness, the focus is on motivation for courageous action.

Project offerings

Democracy Training for employees in the steel and automotive industry

Discrimination Democracy Solidarity
Discriminatory statements and actions, the attempt to exert political influence on the part of the radical right and the transformation processes, especially in the industrial sector, are far-reaching challenges for companies and their workforces. We would like to work together with companies to promote a democratic, non-discriminatory and inclusive corporate culture. To this end, we … Continued
Advanced training (modular)

Contact person

Dennis Kundrus

0681 41 62 830

Social Media

Project partner

Netzwerk für Demokratie und Courage Saar e. V. - Landesnetzstelle Saarland

Fritz-Dobisch-Straße 5 66111 Saarbrücken

Funding amount

2021: 150.000 EUR
2022: 186.000 EUR
2023: 190.000 EUR
2024: 198.000 EUR