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Business empowerment for integration and diversity (BE4ID)

Region(s): Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania Active in: Cross-industry Project partner: ATI erc gGmbH

Living an open society at the workplace level as well - this is what we advocate with our offerings for workforces, managers and vocational schools. Raising awareness and teaching skills for dealing with prejudice, racism and conspiracy narratives in the workplace.

Project target

Mobilization of workforces, works councils, HR managers and vocational schools for democracy-promoting action and for standing up against ideologies of inequality such as racism, right-wing extremism and conspiracy narratives in the workplace. The project works to ensure that mutual respect and an open, tolerant society are also practiced in the workplace and at the company level.

Target group

Employees, managers and works council members of small and medium-sized enterprises, vocational schools and vocational school centers in the state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania


Topic-specific training, workshops, project days and keynote speeches

  • to strengthen democratic and media competence in the workplace
  • to teach concrete techniques and action skills for dealing with prejudice, right-wing extremism, devaluation, and conspiracy narratives in everyday workplaces

With transformative and emancipatory learning concepts, we support our participants in reflecting on their own experiences and applying newly gained knowledge.

Project offerings

Learning how to take a stance against discrimination – slogans in the break room

Discrimination Argumentation training Anti-racism strategies
Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania
We encounter prejudices, discriminatory and inhumane sayings – in short, slogans – more often than we would like in our everyday lives. They usually catch us unexpectedly, for example at the bus stop, at a meeting with neighbors, in the break room or at a family party. People who spout slogans at the dinner table … Continued
Workshop (presence)

Diversity in the company – team spirit and togetherness

Corporate culture Diversity Innovation
Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania
Our working world is as colorful and diverse as our society. Diverse workforces and employees with different backgrounds are not an obstacle, but an enrichment for every company and every authority. They ensure greater creativity, promote customer proximity and innovative strength, and are the key to a company’s economic success. But what concrete measures can … Continued
Workshop (presence)

Contact person

Steffi Groth

0385 3993 777

Social Media

Project partner

ATI erc gGmbH

Hagenower Str. 73 19061 Schwerin

Funding amount

2021: 50.000 EUR
2022: 150.000 EUR
2023: 150.000 EUR
2024: 100.000 EUR