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Betriebliche Demokratie stärken – Rassismus und Rechtsextremismus im Betrieb bekämpfen

Region(s): Baden-Württemberg Active in: Cross-industry Project partner: DGB Bildungswerk Baden-Württemberg e.V.

Education and advice for workforces and works councils on how to deal with right-wing extremist works council lists and other racist and right-wing extremist activities in the company

Project target

According to the industrial citizenship approach, employees with positive experiences of participation and democracy are significantly less likely to adopt racist and right-wing extremist positions. The project therefore supports works councils and store stewards in implementing their offers for their colleagues in a way that is as participatory as possible. Together with staff, works council members and store stewards, we also develop company-specific strategies for dealing with right-wing extremist works council lists and other right-wing extremist and racist activities.

Target group

Works council members, store stewards, employees in companies in Baden-Württemberg and vocational students at vocational schools in Baden-Württemberg.


Seminars, consulting and networking offers for the development of competences in the context of racism and right-wing extremism in the company

  • Qualification of workforces, works councils and store stewards for the development and implementation of company-specific strategies against right-wing extremism and racism in the workplace
  • Support for works councils in the development and application of participation and design formats
  • Networking of participating employees and works council members for exchange of experience and joint development of ideas
  • Special educational offer for vocational students from vocational schools onwards

Project offerings

Right-wing extremists on their way into companies – and what we can do about it

Right-wing extremism Conspiracy Beliefs Corporate culture
Right-wing networks are poisoning the atmosphere, increasingly also in the world of work. A right-wing pseudo-union, for example, has been represented in works councils in the automotive sector for years. The influence of conspiracy theories and so-called “lateral thinkers” does not stop at our workplaces either. The actors are often not recognizable as right-wingers at … Continued
Seminar (presence)

Contact person

Martin Gürtler

0170 3333 210

Social Media

Project partner

DGB Bildungswerk Baden-Württemberg e.V.

Stuttgarter Str. 23 70469 Stuttgart

Funding amount

2021: 37.000 EUR
2022: 199.000 EUR
2023: 184.000 EUR
2024: 199.000 EUR