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ANTRIEB: ANTidiskriminierungskompetenz in meinem BetRIEB

Region(s): Schleswig-Holstein Active in: Cross-industry Project partner: Antidiskriminierungsverband Schleswig-Holstein (advsh) e. V.

Need-based educational offerings for workforces, managers, company representative bodies and vocational schools to promote democratic attitudes and deal with discriminatory and anti-democratic behavior

Project target

Hostility to democracy, right-wing extremism and racism are countered at the level of the world of work: Conspiracy narratives, racist and misanthropic beliefs are to be broken down and exclusionary actions in the world of work are to be resolutely combated. The project imparts practical skills to all workplace actors who want to oppose agitation and anti-democratic tendencies.

Target group

Company owners, workforces, company interest groups, executives and management of small and medium-sized companies in the private sector; students and teachers in vocational training institutions in Schleswig-Holstein.


Training tailored to the needs of companies and vocational and technical schools, including:

  • Providing information and showing practical ways to act: How to counter anti-democratic and conspiracy ideological attitudes and exclusionary behaviors
  • Providing information and showing practical ways to act: How to strengthen equality and collegiality within diverse workforces and school communities?
  • Customized workshops, e.g.: “Democracy and the rule of law: basics/principles explained in a way that everyone can understand”; “Democracy and participation in the world of work; “Together at work: acting in solidarity instead of ideological boundaries”; “Communication at work: at eye level – respectful – free of ideology”

Project offerings

Recognizing and counteracting racism in everyday working life

Discrimination Skilled labor shortage Employee satisfaction
Racism is a widespread phenomenon in Germany – also and especially in the world of work. According to a study published in 2020, one in five German people has experienced or observed racism at work (source). Often, people affected by racism are not believed when they bring up experiences of racism. This is also due … Continued
Workshop (presence)

Project material

Project partner

Antidiskriminierungsverband Schleswig-Holstein (advsh) e. V.

Herzog-Friedrich-Straße 49 24103 Kiel

Funding amount

2021: 61.000 EUR
2022: 186.000 EUR
2023: 192.000 EUR
2024: 192.000 EUR