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What does this have to do with me? – Collegial interaction with all

Female / gay / disabled / non-German / without a high school diploma…there are many reasons for devaluation and exclusion. For a union in which all employees feel welcome and in good hands, it is up to us to initiate change.

We all grow up with prejudices and pigeonholes that can be helpful to navigate through life. But when is a pigeonhole a harmless image and when is it exclusionary discrimination?

We would like to work with all interested parties of the IG BAU on a fundamental understanding of each other and deal with thought patterns that are based on competitive thinking and prejudices and develop counter-strategies.

Training agenda

Training course (presence)

What is discrimination? Clarification of important terms

  • Society and discrimination – does it really happen all the time, or doesn’t the media often exaggerate it? Together we will get to the bottom of things.
  • Ideologies of inequality – With this topic, everything is always so cerebral, what does it actually all mean?
  • Forms of discrimination – Together we look at what the individual forms of discrimination mean and how they can affect those affected.

Learning targets

  • Recognize discriminatory incidents at work and in the union
  • Ability to act in the event of discriminatory incidents in the company and the trade union
  • What is my own attitude towards the topic? Questioning one's own ingrained thought patterns

Contact person

Mareike Vorpahl

030 246 39 530