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What does normal actually mean? – Living Collegiality and Equality in a Diverse College

We all have ideas about what is normal and what we interpret as different. From time to time, we catch ourselves putting our fellow human beings into the category of “the others” through stereotypical and prejudiced thinking. Especially in the workplace, where we spend more time than almost anywhere else, prejudices about supposed “others” can turn into devaluation and (unconscious) exclusion of colleagues in the company. A positive and collegial atmosphere that recognizes and values the differences and needs of all is just as important for employees as it is for the company itself. Together, we want to look at how we can tackle this issue and strengthen a solidary and democratic corporate culture, based on your experiences from everyday working life.

In our seminar, we give employees from the chemical and pharmaceutical industry in Schleswig-Holstein the practical opportunity to deal with forms of workplace bullying and discrimination and to be prepared for corresponding situations.

Training agenda

Seminar (presence)

What is normal? What is different?

  • Where is diversity found in the college?
  • Prejudices, exclusions and discrimination in everyday work – clarification of important terms
  • Understanding levels and characteristics of discrimination

Acting against discrimination and bullying

  • What does collegiality and equality mean to me?
  • Ways and strategies to stand up for an appreciative cooperation
  • Reacting and arguing against discrimination

Learning targets

  • Examination of one's own idea of normality
  • Being able to recognize and name exclusion, mobbing and discrimination in everyday business life
  • Develop and strengthen own point of view
  • Establish the ability to act in the event of non-collegial incidents in the company

Contact person

Anna Tötter, Nesimi Temel

0431 51 95 174, 0151 62 36 24 18