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Training to become a competence manager in your company (employees)

Under the motto “Democracy concerns us all!” we train employees to recognize and actively counter discrimination, racism and anti-democratic behavior in the workplace. One component is our virtual training series for competence managers in the workplace context. The aim is to empower participants to counteract and prevent anti-democratic and discriminatory tendencies. As a final presentation, a concrete example for one’s own workplace is developed and presented. The training consists of self-learning phases and subsequent web conferences and will also be available as pure web-based training from March 2023.

The content of the training is prepared in a practical and interactive way and offers sufficient space for discussion and exchange of experience.

Training agenda

Online event
  • Diversity and equality as an opportunity for companies and workforces: Recognizing the benefits of a working climate in which difference is respected and recognized
  • Working successfully in intercultural teams: How to work constructively, self-responsibly and successfully with people who have different cultural backgrounds
  • Dealing with anti-democratic tendencies: How to decode logos, slogans and more, show moral courage in the company and maintain industrial peace
  • Dealing with discrimination in the workplace: How to recognize, combat and avoid discriminatory behavior and how discrimination-sensitive communication contributes to a good working atmosphere
  • Fact or Fake? Countering fake news and conspiracy narratives in the workplace

Learning targets

  • Recognize discriminatory behavior and develop strategies to reduce it
  • conflict-free and discrimination-sensitive work within the college
  • Encouragement to actively work for diversity in the (training) company
  • better assessment of one's own actions and increase of the ability to reflect
  • Training of own media competence / safe handling in social networks

Contact person

Team zuhören.verstehen.handeln.

03641 63 75 96