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Solidarity and trade union? Solidarity through trade union!

In the trade union environment, the word “solidarity” plays a large and omnipresent role. But what is actually behind it?! After all, there is no single definition of solidarity.

For example, one can distinguish between inward and outward solidarity. Inward solidarity takes place within a community. The members in a community support each other. Outward solidarity, is directed at groups or people who do not belong to one’s own social group, but whose cause one would like to support. How do these forms relate to each other and does solidarity always mean that I am on the “right” side? In the workshop we want to explore the questions around solidary behavior and develop strategies for our union, how we can work with our colleagues but also our fellow human beings (again) on a solidary society.

Training agenda

Workshop (presence)

What is solidarity?

  • Where does solidarity take place in society? And how?!
  • From Boris Becker to homeless aid…what are the dimensions of solidarity and since when does it exist at all?
  • Am I myself in solidarity or not and how can I be in everyday life?

Learning targets

  • Recognize solidarity-based action as an action option that can be implemented
  • Understand solidarity as a principle that applies not only to one's own environment

Contact person

Mareike Vorpahl

030 246 39 530