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Right-wing extremists on their way into companies – and what we can do about it

Right-wing networks are poisoning the atmosphere, increasingly also in the world of work. A right-wing pseudo-union, for example, has been represented in works councils in the automotive sector for years. The influence of conspiracy theories and so-called “lateral thinkers” does not stop at our workplaces either. The actors are often not recognizable as right-wingers at first glance, but pose as a seemingly harmless “alternative” to the DGB trade unions. The agitators from the right-wing fringe deliberately play on the concerns and fears of colleagues, but they have no real solutions to offer. In the seminar, we learn to recognize the right-wingers at an early stage and discuss effective counter-strategies.

Training agenda

Seminar (presence)

The structure of the seminar is based on the following questions:

  • Who are the actors of the right-wing extremist networks? How do they operate?
  • How can we recognize the right-wingers?
  • What can we do against them on a practical level in the workplace?

Learning targets

  • Participants receive an up-to-date overview of right-wing extremist networks and their company policies (tailored specifically to the respective industry/region if required).
  • Participants learn about and recognize the ideologies, goals and operational strategies of the right.
  • Participants will understand what issues the right-wing picks up in the workplace and why some people are susceptible to them.
  • Participants learn practical strategies for action that can be used to push back the influence of the right and strengthen workplace democracy.

Contact person

Martin Gürtler

0170 3333 210