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Right-wing extremism in the workplace – raising awareness and developing measures

Experience shows: Workplaces reflect the average of society, so misanthropic and right-wing extremist tendencies also show up in the workplace, just as they do in our society. Sometimes right-wing extremist colleagues can be found, endangering the working atmosphere and collegial cooperation. Companies, managers and works councils are called upon to act. The best prevention is a clear stance and positioning of the company externally against any anti-human aspirations. In order to be able to act structurally, preventively, but also acutely, knowledge about right-wing extremist codes, language and groups is needed, as well as confidence in taking action.

In this seminar, we will look at identifying characteristics of right-wing ideologies and current developments and groups of the New Right. Together, we will address the challenges that companies face in this context.

Training agenda

Seminar (presence)

Basics for personnel management/ the work of company interest groups

  • Perceiving right-wing ideologies/ agitation and racism (in language)
  • Right-wing extremism, new right, right-wing radical, neo-Nazis…? – Clarification of important terms
  • Classification and appearance of the New Right (symbols, languages, strategies)

Structural confrontation in the company

  • What are my rights and duties as BR/JAV/management/PiL?
  • What does the Works Constitution Act say?
  • Support in developing options for action

Learning targets

  • Knowledge is power: Knowing right-wing currents, ideologies and patterns
  • Identify responsibilities and authority in the company
  • Establish strategic handling of right-wing extremism in the company

Contact person

Anna Tötter, Nesimi Temel

0431 51 95 174, 0151 62 36 24 18