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Correctly misunderstood?! – Interculturally competent in nursing

Our working world is becoming increasingly diverse. The increased influx and immigration of skilled workers and employees from other countries and cultures is also creating new constellations in the world of work. In addition to challenges, this also creates opportunities and new perspectives in everyday working life. The seminar provides an introduction to questions about culture and intercultural communication and thus contributes to a better understanding.

Training agenda

Seminar (presence)
  • Skills shortage and immigration
  • What is culture? Clarification of important terms and concepts
  • Different understandings of nursing
  • Different communication styles
  • Future workshop: How can good integration work?

Learning targets

  • (Recognizing) cultural differences
  • Mutual understanding
  • Better communication and working atmosphere

Contact person

Rebekka Cöster, Stefan Grande

0341 71005 0