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We all move from time to time! – Migration as a life theme

Let those of us who have never moved cast the first stone! However, we seem to feel the urgent need to evaluate which move is good and which is to be judged as bad. Migration is one of the fighting issues in our society. People are for it or against it. But what does migration actually mean? For ourselves, for our society and also for our own workplace? More than every third cleaner has a non-German citizenship. There are similar numbers on construction sites, as well as in parcel delivery services or in care for the elderly – without immigration, hardly anything would still function in many industries. The greater the bottlenecks in various sectors become, the more important immigration of foreign workers becomes. This is why the proportion of foreign workers is growing in the “middle” of the working world. That is, in classic middle-class occupations. The occupational groups that are organized by the DGB trade unions, including IG BAU.

Training agenda

Training course (presence)

What is migration? Clarification of important terms

  • Raising awareness of the topic in everyday life
  • Getting to know reasons for migration
  • Migration and flight, what do we actually talk about and when?
  • Society, media and migration, an often difficult relationship. Why is everything always so negative?

Learning targets

  • Recognize and understand structures of migration
  • Change of perspective for the reasons of migration
  • Understanding migration as a topic that affects everyone and positioning oneself in relation to the topic
  • Questioning racist statements about migration in everyday life

Contact person

Mareike Vorpahl

030 246 39 530