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Racism in the field of nursing – between sensitization and empowerment

Racism takes place in all areas of society, nursing care and related institutions are no exception. Our project deals with the phenomenon of racism in the field of nursing, our focus is on the prevention of discriminatory situations and the sensitization of the participants for the phenomenon. The decisive factor for our focus on the care sector was, above all, recent studies showing that the already difficult working conditions in care for caregivers with a migration history are becoming even worse due to racism.

Against the backdrop of demographic change, in which people are getting older and older, professional nursing care is assuming an increasingly important role in society; it thus represents one of the crucial issues for the future of Western industrial societies. Against this backdrop, as well as the steadily worsening nursing crisis and the simultaneous increase in the number of skilled workers from abroad, there is an urgent need for action.

Training agenda

Workshop (presence)

We offer two series of workshops:

Sensitization Workshop:

  • Raising awareness of racism in everyday business life
  • Working together on different manifestations of racism in everyday working life
  • Questioning own patterns of thinking and acting
  • Addressing the realities of the participants’ working lives

Empowerment workshop:

  • Resource or strengths perspective / looking at own resources
  • Biography work
  • Legal foundations (e.g. General Equal Treatment Act)
  • Thematization of different mechanisms of action of racism

Learning targets

  • Create awareness of the problem
  • educate and train
  • Create capacity for action in racist situations, both for those affected and those not affected
  • Team building (solidarity within the workforce)
  • Self-efficacy

Contact person

Alissa Jändrosch, Johannes Knobloch, Dilan Düzgün, Dr. Dorothea Fuhr

06131 638435