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Recognizing and counteracting racism in everyday working life

Racism is a widespread phenomenon in Germany – also and especially in the world of work. According to a study published in 2020, one in five German people has experienced or observed racism at work (source). Often, people affected by racism are not believed when they bring up experiences of racism. This is also due to the fact that many people are not aware of their own racist thoughts and actions. However, racism has not only been proven to make people ill and reduce their performance, but also to have a negative impact on the working atmosphere and thus on securing the workforce.

Against this background, the workshop will address the questions of how racism can be recognized in everyday working life and what can be done about it. The participants will be given the skills to act in a collegial and respectful manner in the workplace. Various methods are used, such as group work and role plays to promote a change of perspective and confrontation with one’s own prejudices using pictures and videos.

Training agenda

Workshop (presence)
  1. How can racism be recognized in everyday working life?
  2. What effects does racism have on those affected and on the working atmosphere?
  3. What options are there for dealing with racism in the workplace?

Learning targets

  • Raising awareness of everyday racism in the workplace
  • Strategies for dealing with racist incidents in the workplace
  • Strengthening of competences for a diverse and prejudice-free coexistence at the workplace

Contact person

Frederik Kohler