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Over a cup of coffee: Coexistence and exclusion at work

Module for internal exchange on togetherness, social injustice, exclusion and migration as an example topic. The offer can be adapted depending on the company and exists in three proposals of different scopes: half day, 2 half days and a full day. You can find out more about the offer “Aufn Kaffee” (over a cup of coffee) here.

Training agenda

Training course (presence)

The module starts with an open, inviting introduction, essential democratic principles are introduced and the participants get to know each other. In the first substantive exchange, the participants work on good cooperation and exclusion, first in the group and then on their own experiences of exclusion.

Based on the individual experiences, discrimination as social exclusion is explained and a take-away definition is presented interactively. With the “three quick I-perspectives” the internalization of discriminating ideas is clarified with simple methods. Three groups work on parallels of the devaluation of East Germans and Muslims.

As a transitional measure, the participants watch a 10-minute video that deals with the racism experiences of Central Germans in order to lead into an in-depth discussion on the topic of “Operation and Exclusion”. In addition to the experience of dealing with a difficult political topic in a democratic dispute, the aim is to relate the overall social topic to the workplace context and to deal with the experiences of exclusion of people affected by racism. This is followed by a summary and a short evaluation with a view to the second part.

The second part starts with a short repetition and deepening of different discrimination dimensions with a view to power distribution. Afterwards, the participants work on the challenges, devaluation and exclusion experiences for migrants on their way to Germany and into the labor market with the help of a picture gallery. The participants then work on the opportunities and challenges of various business policy actors in the immigration society, thus creating a link to political positioning in the topic area and to democratic debate in the form of a discussion among representatives, i.e. opposing political views seek common solutions.

With the joint agreements, the findings from the workshop are cast by the participants in action steps and norms of action and adopted for everyday work. The resulting flipcharts remain in the company, which also marks the end of the workshop. A specialist speaker summarizes the eight hours, guides a feedback method to evaluate the quality of the event. Folders with materials offer the opportunity to deepen, expand or renew knowledge.

Learning targets

  • Coexistence and exclusion in the context of corporate culture
  • What is discrimination/devaluation and how can one's own experiences and those of others be classified and understood?
  • Democratic dispute in the group
  • Social inequality; especially power inequality and consequences for society
  • Reflection of internalized habits and possible agreements for the operational cooperation
  • Challenges for migrants; opportunities and challenges of an immigration society

Contact person

Maren Weißhuhn

0361 565730