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On Amir’s tracks – an Escape Room

Amir has been absent from work for a week. His trainer is worried because there is no sick leave and his colleagues don’t know why Amir hasn’t been at work. That’s why he sends you to his home. With the help of the puzzles and clues in the room, can you figure out why Amir didn’t show up at work? Is he just tired of getting up early or has something serious happened at work?
In this Escape Room, nothing is what it seems at first. It is about conflicts of interest, experiences of discrimination and strategies for action. After the Escape Room, you can expect a joint reflection session with input.

The Escape Room is mobile, we are happy to come to your company!

Good luck, let’s go.

Training agenda

Escape Room (Presence)

Implementation of an Escape Room with subsequent reflection

Contents of the Escape Room:

  • Workers’ rights and citizenship
  • Discrimination at the workplace and on the labor market (structural, institutional, individual)
  • Activation of workforces Co-determination in the workplace
  • Representation in the internal representation of interests
  • Consequences of the shortage of skilled workers/job cuts

Reflection section:

  • What support options are there from the company/trade union side? What are the limits?
  • Pointing out individual/collective options for action
  • Pointing out structural discrimination

Learning targets

  • Perspective taking
  • Reflection on the advantages and disadvantages of individual and collective action strategies in conflict situations/ problems in the company
  • Sensitization for experiences of discrimination and other life worlds
  • Uncovering individual and structural problems in the world of work

Contact person

Freia Polzin

0511 7631 855