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Multiplier training for employees in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry

Energy crisis, structural change, intensification of working hours. The multiple crises also have an impact on companies and lead to a loss of confidence in politics, trade unions and fundamental value systems such as solidarity, freedom and equality. The space to exchange ideas and express criticism often does not exist. Instead, false prophets from right-wing parties, groups or conspiracy networks take up the unease and channel it into aggression.

In our multiplier training, we encourage and network colleagues who want to anchor a culture of solidarity in the workplace and help shape it democratically.

Depending on the resources of the companies, the multiplier training includes in-house training or is offered across companies at a central location.

Training agenda

mixed virtual & presence

You will be released from your company, if possible and with a cooperation agreement, to attend

  • 4 two-day face-to-face modules (duration 1-2 years)
  • virtual training sessions
  • accompanying coaching


Training contents:

Module 1 “Negotiating Democracy”

  • History of ideas of democracy
  • History of the labor movement and industrial civil rights
  • Postdemocracy

Module 2 “Controversial on the ground

  • Choice of topics according to needs

On the basis of media products we discuss topics of public interest

Module 3 “Forging an Alliance Against Discrimination

  • Divisions in the workforce and how to deal with them
  • Anti-discrimination strategies: AGG/legal basics
  • Sensitize – Organize – Act: Standing up for social rights with colleagues

Module 4 “Digital structural change

  • More work and new forms of control/surveillance at the workplace
  • Fake news, conspiracy narratives
  • Censorship, ownership and the power of social networks

Learning targets

  • Helping to shape democratic corporate culture - knowing historical and current perspectives
  • Examination of current political and social areas of tension, from socio-ecological transformation to fake news and conspiracy narratives
  • "Toolbox" of communication & argumentation
  • Organizing and networking in the company

Contact person

Freia Polzin

0511 7631 855