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Learning how to take a stance against discrimination – slogans in the break room

We encounter prejudices, discriminatory and inhumane sayings – in short, slogans – more often than we would like in our everyday lives. They usually catch us unexpectedly, for example at the bus stop, at a meeting with neighbors, in the break room or at a family party. People who spout slogans at the dinner table are convinced that they are reflecting the general feeling of the people. But slogans are problematic because they often use drastic generalizations and harsh judgments against people of other origins, lifestyles, religions or social situations. And despite their simple, striking content, it is by no means easy to respond to them appropriately. But how can we respond spontaneously and confidently to prejudices and slogans without escalating?

In our two-hour impulse workshop, you will learn what slogans and prejudice categories exist – and what possibilities there are for countering these hostilities and overcoming your own speechlessness. You will also receive suggestions for your personal argumentation strategy, which will also help you in other contexts and everyday situations to take a stance, defend democratic values and counter slogan representatives.

Training agenda

Workshop (presence)
  • Slogans and prejudices, mechanisms of exclusion
  • Dealing with discriminating interlocutors
  • Inputs for acting and arguing against slogans
  • Speech and behavior, self-reflection and discourse skills
  • Topics such as anti-Semitism, racism, sexism/anti-feminism, homophobia

Learning targets

  • Development of one's own self-confident point of view
  • Recognize inhuman ideology
  • Strategies against inhuman statements
  • Practical argumentative strategies and rhetorical tricks

Contact person

Steffi Groth

0385 3993 777