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Intercultural competence for junior employees

Intercultural competencies are becoming increasingly important, especially for professional life, in order to ensure successful cooperation between diverse teams. This is because individuals with different perspectives, backgrounds and ideas often come together. In addition, prejudices or stereotypes can influence our interaction and communication. Against this background, the model project DiAA – Demokratie in Arbeit und Ausbildung (DiWE – Democracy in Work and Education) offers a workshop that aims to prepare trainees for diverse teams in a democratic society.

In this event format, we combine interesting impulses and practical exercises on the topic of “Intercultural Competence for Junior Staff”. The five-hour intensive workshop takes place in a classroom setting and can be held as part of a project day at a vocational school. The workshop is free of charge. There are no travel expenses for the speakers.

Training agenda

Workshop (presence)

Prejudices and stereotypes

  • Sensitization to prejudices and stereotypes
  • Reflection on prejudices and stereotypes in the professional context
  • Reflection on own behavior

Discrimination and racism

  • Sensitization to discrimination and racism in the professional context
  • Recognizing and naming different types of discrimination and racism
  • Recognizing exclusion of employees due to discrimination and racism

Intercultural communication

  • Basic intercultural sensitization
  • Sensitization for misunderstandings and conflicts in an intercultural context
  • Dealing with diversity in a democratic society

Learning targets

  • Reflection of prejudices and stereotypes
  • Raising awareness on the topic of discrimination and racism
  • Dealing with diversity in a democratic society

Contact person

Mareike Schwarz, Bernadette Dawoud, Gavin Theren

0391 5371 263; 0391 5371 264, 0391 5371 201