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Initial consultation for companies ‘Strengthening diversity, anti-discrimination and democratic culture in the company’

Our society, and thus also the workforces in companies, are more diverse and complex than ever before. At the same time, co-determination, equal opportunities, participation, and protection against discrimination play a decisive role for more and more employees in their professional orientation.

Companies are therefore increasingly confronted with issues that go hand in hand with complex diversity and a democratic corporate culture. Particularly with regard to recruiting and employee retention, in times of personnel and skilled labor shortages, action and implementation strategies to this end are indispensable key indicators of an attractive company.

The  IZBD² – Innovationszentrum Bayern für Diversity und Demokratie (Bavarian Innovation Center for Diversity and Democracy) helps you to master these challenges for your company in a sustainable and contemporary way!

Training agenda


In an initial consultation, we first sound out starting points and precisely tailored development steps for your company. In a personal meeting, we provide you with well-founded analysis tools and show you ways to develop and implement customized solutions.

If required, we will of course also support you beyond this first step: our experts will be happy to accompany you and your company in the context of discrimination-critical, diversity- and democracy-oriented organizational development.

Contact person

Düzgün Polat, Vanessa Kohlmann, Paul Sörensen

+49 (821)90799737, +49 (821)90799736, +49 (821)90799738