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Employee satisfaction and onboarding

The shortage of skilled workers in rural areas is currently one of the greatest economic challenges in Saxony-Anhalt. Not least, the situation has again worsened due to the Corona crisis. Small and medium-sized enterprises face the problem of not being able to find new employees and not having sufficient incentives to retain existing staff. Which processes have to be considered when integrating a new employee into the company? What are the onboarding phases and how do you motivate staff to stay with the employer?

In this event format, the model project DiAA – Demokratie in Arbeit und Ausbildung (DiWE – Democracy in Work and Education) offers you interesting impulses on the topic of “employee satisfaction and onboarding”. The workshop aims to analyze current challenges together with you in order to develop solution proposals. In addition, a casual exchange and getting to know each other should be made possible. The 1.5-hour workshop takes place in person and is free of charge.

Training agenda

Workshop (presence)

Employee satisfaction

  • Motivational reasons for employees
  • Reasons for staying with the company
  • Discrepancy between perception and reality

The phases of onboarding

  • Cooperation in intercultural and diverse teams
  • Special features of onboarding international professionals

Learning targets

  • Basic knowledge on the topic of "Employee satisfaction and onboarding"
  • Instruments for increasing employee satisfaction
  • Practical tips for working together in intercultural and diverse teams

Contact person

Mareike Schwarz, Bernadette Dawoud, Gavin Theren

0391 5371 263; 0391 5371 264, 0391 5371 201