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Diversity in the Workplace – A Training on Intercultural Competence

The situation on the labor market shows that the already existing shortage of skilled workers will worsen in the future if companies do not counter this by recruiting foreign specialists. This requires intercultural opening and the promotion of democratic values in the region’s companies. The project Anhalts. (Anhaltspunkt) supports the establishment of a living culture of welcome in the company and the workforce. This has a positive impact on the attitude and representation of the companies to the outside world.

In this practice-oriented training, the employees’ competence to act in intercultural contexts is expanded. The focus is on practical exercises and exchange among employees. The aim is, on the one hand, to reflect on one’s own experiences and, on the other, to expand one’s own options for action. This promotes the intercultural opening of the company.

Training agenda


Knowledge transfer

  • Clarification of the concept of intercultural competence

Sensitization exercises

  • Privilege test
  • social codes

Application/ reflection

  • World café
  • Silent discussion
  • Case discussion

Learning targets

  • Reduction of prejudices
  • Intercultural competence mediation
  • Communication and conflict resolution strategies
  • Self-reflection
  • Solidarity / Allyship
  • Teambuilding

Contact person

Leonard Borchert

0340 87 05 88 34