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Diversity in the company – team spirit and togetherness

Our working world is as colorful and diverse as our society. Diverse workforces and employees with different backgrounds are not an obstacle, but an enrichment for every company and every authority. They ensure greater creativity, promote customer proximity and innovative strength, and are the key to a company’s economic success. But what concrete measures can be taken to strengthen an open corporate and performance culture, promote unused potential and avoid potential conflicts? How do you make all employees feel equal, respected and valued, regardless of ethnicity, age, religion, gender, sexual orientation or disability?

With our two-hour impulse workshop, we would like to convince you of the advantages of corporate diversity and intercultural openness and give you simple tips and suggestions on how diversity and social interaction can be anchored in the corporate culture. Because only those who use diversity and shape it in a targeted manner increase the attractiveness, innovation potential and future viability of their own company.

Training agenda

Workshop (presence)
  • Concepts, models and dimensions of diversity
  • Perception of the individual characteristics of employees
  • Dealing with differences and commonalities in the company
  • Opportunities and challenges of working in and with diverse teams
  • Awareness of team building as an ongoing process and long-term task

Learning targets

  • Self-reflection and new strategies in (professional) everyday life
  • Further development of personal diversity competence
  • Reduction of stereotypes, prejudices and communication deficits in work contexts
  • Intercultural sensitization and constructive handling of the effects of diversity

Contact person

Steffi Groth

0385 3993 777