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Diversity and anti-discrimination in human resources management

Operational diversification as a perspective for the future

Increasingly complex social diversity and demographic change pose an enormous challenge, especially for SMEs and their managers. Key buzzwords in this context are shortage of skilled workers, attracting skilled workers and securing skilled workers. At the same time, co-determination, equal opportunities, participation, and protection against discrimination are playing a decisive role for more and more employees in their professional orientation.

How can you best address these issues strategically for your company? How can you increase the diversity that already exists in your company and use it for the company’s success?

The izbd² supports you in formulating the right questions and in exploring response strategies. In doing so, our experts will pay special attention to application and selection procedures, but will of course also address your individual company concerns.

Training agenda

  • Designing job advertisements free of discrimination and racism
  • The application/selection process – discrimination-critical and diversity-sensitive
  • Welcome culture in the company: onboarding and structural anchoring
  • Perspectives of a diversity-oriented and democratic corporate culture

Contact person

Düzgün Polat, Vanessa Kohlmann, Paul Sörensen

+49 (821)90799737, +49 (821)90799736, +49 (821)90799738