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Discrimination – and what does it have to do with me? An introductory workshop on the topic of discrimination

What does discrimination actually mean and do I encounter it at work or at school? Who is affected by it, who benefits? And what can I actually do about it?

In this workshop, we will deal with the most important terms around discrimination, the rights of trainees and relevant contact points and offers of help. We work with creative, participative and digital methods as well as real-life examples that aim at active trying out and learning.

Training agenda

Workshop (presence)

What is discrimination? Clarification of important terms

  • Questioning one’s own prejudices and thought patterns
  • different forms of discrimination and how they are anchored in society
  • Exchange and change of perspective: who is affected by discrimination and what are the consequences?

Dealing with discrimination in everyday life and at work:

  • What can I do? Options for dealing with discrimination
  • What are my rights? General Equal Treatment Act(AGG)
  • Getting to know counseling and support services

Learning targets

  • Recognize and be able to respond to discrimination
  • Critically questioning one's own prejudices and thought patterns
  • Understanding and solidarity with those affected

Contact person

Petra Simonowsky

0471 92231 11