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Different together: Companies Live Diversity – Monthly Event Series

You want to talk about topics like diversity, discrimination, racism & learn how to deal with it? Then come and join us.

If you are affected by these issues, want to inform yourself, or want to counteract, we offer a series of events of coaching/workshops in a trustful place for exchange. Knowledge will be shared to strengthen your resilience.

We meet on the first Wednesday of every month at the house.

During this time, we can learn together how to recognize discrimination and take active steps against it. Together we raise awareness and initiate processes to create a diversity-open and discrimination-sensitive work environment.

  • What is diversity?
  • How do I recognize discrimination/racism?
  • How can I communicate in a “discrimination-sensitive” way?

These and similar questions concern us not only in our private lives, but also in the workplace – which is exactly where we start!

  • As part of a series of events – coaching sessions/workshops to discuss these topics regularly in the workplace.
  • A trusting environment in which you can exchange ideas and engage in dialogue and develop strategies for action.

Coaching/workshop at the Praunheim nursing home.

Every first Wednesday of the month from 13.30 -15.00, in the multipurpose room

Training agenda

Coaching/Workshop (Presence)

Coaching Workshop Topics

  • Working successfully in diverse and multicultural teams: Strengthening the cultural and diversity dimension and collegial work.
  • Dealing with discrimination: Sharing experiences of disadvantage and exclusion in a “safe space”. Together we look at how we can strengthen and support you.
  • Everyday racism: Forms of racism. How do I deal with it.
  • Discrimination-sensitive communication: Language structures our thinking and thus our actions. With the help of examples we learn to pay attention to our language and thus to deal with each other respectfully.

Learning targets

  • Exchange and reflection in a trusting environment
  • Knowledge input and advice in a coaching setting
  • Practical action tools & tips
  • Topic competence
  • Empowerment

Contact person

Anjalika Bhaskar-Sawahn

069 91301031