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Democratic togetherness – living solidary values and communication in the company

Chemical and pharmaceutical companies face a variety of challenges that must be overcome from within, because crises and uncertainty that are not named and addressed collectively create dissatisfaction – among the workforce and management. An appreciative work culture, democratic processes and recognition are the basis for employees feeling comfortable and happy to come to work and stay. A good working atmosphere includes participation and co-determination as well as the ability to address and resolve conflicts. This not only promotes the well-being of employees and general cooperation, but also the future resilience of companies.

Together, we would like to use innovative methods in this seminar to work out how the potential and the working atmosphere in companies can be strengthened and anchored in everyday work through participatory design options and an appreciative communication culture.

Training agenda

Seminar (presence)
  • Co-determination and participation in society and the workplace
  • (Anti)democratic attitudes of employees
  • Participative design of communication and information processes
  • Democratic principles of conflict resolution

Learning targets

  • Get to know and establish possibilities of participatory communication and information channels
  • Promotion and improvement of own conflict resolution skills in the company
  • Promoting the ability to participate, dialogue and think critically
  • Promotion of democratic values in everyday work such as tolerance, respect and solidarity

Contact person

Anna Tötter, Nesimi Temel

0431 51 95 174, 0151 62 36 24 18