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Democratic Diversity and Diverse Democracy

Young perspectives for in front of and behind the factory gate

Diversity is our social reality – at school, in the training company and, of course, in our free time. But what does that actually mean and why is that (k)a problem? What does it possibly have to do with democracy and emancipation? And what does it mean for everyday life at work and at school?

The izbd² workshop would like to address these and many more questions together with trainees and young company employees – dialogically and at eye level, empowering and action-oriented!

Training agenda

Workshop (presence)

First, we want to clarify together what is behind big concepts like democracy, diversity or inclusion – and what they have to do with each other. We want to uncover the different understandings of these concepts and the extent to which they are relevant in everyday life at work and at school. We want to ask together what the preconditions and barriers of a diverse democracy are and how and where we could work on a discrimination-critical democratization of conditions.

Topic blocks:

A) Personal references to democracy and diversity

B) The idea(s) of democracy – basic concepts and principles of democracy

C) Preconditions and barriers of a diverse democracy

D) Democracy and critical diversity in/in the workplace

Contact person

Düzgün Polat, Vanessa Kohlmann, Paul Sörensen

+49 (821)90799737, +49 (821)90799736, +49 (821)90799738