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Democracy Training for employees in the steel and automotive industry

Discriminatory statements and actions, the attempt to exert political influence on the part of the radical right and the transformation processes, especially in the industrial sector, are far-reaching challenges for companies and their workforces. We would like to work together with companies to promote a democratic, non-discriminatory and inclusive corporate culture. To this end, we offer our Democracy training in addition to our consulting services.

In our training, we provide employees and explicitly members of co-determination committees with the skills to recognize and counteract discrimination, to take a stand against extreme right-wing groups in the workplace, and to advocate for a workplace culture based on solidarity. We strengthen people’s ability to make decisions and take action in the project areas addressed. We focus on the individual perspectives of the participants and actively involve them in the training. The participants can bring new knowledge, ideas and actions back to their companies.

The training can be offered in three or two days.

Training agenda

Advanced training (modular)

The training is divided into three thematic modules.

  1. Topic Discrimination: Forms, levels and effects of discrimination. Consequences for those affected and initial possibilities for action against discrimination in the company. (Module I)
  2. Danger from the right: The extreme right and its strategies in relation to companies. (Module II)
  3. Getting to know, training and practicing possibilities for action. (Included in all modules)
  4. Recognizing and acting against social injustice and existential threats and their impact on the world of work. (Module III)
  5. Solidarity always works: looking back at achievements, success factors for solidarity. What is worth standing up for? What does your dream work environment look like? (Module III)

Learning targets

  • Participants learn about historical achievements and understand the importance of solidarity.
  • Recognize different forms, functions and effects of discrimination.
  • Raising awareness of the consequences of discrimination for those affected and the effects of discrimination in everyday (work) life.
  • Knowledge of ideologies, strategies and manifestations of right-wing actors inside and outside the company and the ability to take action against them.
  • Based on their own experiences, participants can implement individual as well as collective possibilities for action against discrimination and for solidary coexistence.
  • Motivation of the participants to carry on their competences in everyday life and in the company.

Contact person

Dennis Kundrus

0681 41 62 830