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Constructive Debate – A guide

Disputes among colleagues can poison the working atmosphere. We have learned to avoid disputes and to ensure harmony within the team – but democracy in Germany thrives on constructive debates!

By arguing properly, we come to terms with other opinions and can look beyond our own horizons and better understand our counterparts. Germany is characterized by diversity, the people living here are different, our community is pluralistic, with different opinions and experiences that can be found at all levels (family, school, work).

Only by arguing properly can we in democracy overcome our opposites and find a – perhaps still unimagined – common solution.

It is not uncommon for an argument to be emotionally charged. When emotions are involved, the fronts can harden, escalation is almost inevitable, and this has a negative impact on the quality of relationships. To prevent this from happening, we want to explore the background of debate with you and your team and work out rules for proper arguing together.

In our one-and-a-half-hour workshop, you will learn about the background of the debating and the right way to deal with arguments and disagreements.

Training agenda

  • Why do we/do we not argue?
  • Arguing in a democracy
  • Rules and no-go’s when arguing

Learning targets

  • Participants recognize the importance of a good argument
  • Participants learn how to argue properly
  • Participants train and consolidate their communication skills
  • Participants reflect on and discuss what they have learned

Contact person

Julius Kunath

0351 4250294