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Communication and body language

This workshop is about the role of verbal and non-verbal communication. The goal is to develop an awareness of how communication and body language work. Various exercises are used to reflect on one’s own communication and body language, and awareness is raised of behavioral aspects in an intercultural context. In addition, different aspects are tested, such as active listening and the (im-) precision of language.

The 1.5-hour workshop of the project DiAA – Democracy in Work and Education takes place in presence and can be integrated into the block lessons at a vocational school. The workshop is free of charge. There are no travel expenses for the speakers.

Training agenda

Workshop (presence)

Communication and body language

  • Sensitization to verbal, nonverbal and paraverbal communication
  • Sender-receiver model
  • 4-Ears-Model according to Schulz von Thun
  • Sensitization to the (im)precision of language and active listening
  • Dealing with misunderstandings and conflicts

Intercultural communication

  • Basic intercultural sensitization
  • Peculiarities of communication in an intercultural context
  • Communication in diverse teams

Learning targets

  • Basic knowledge on the subject of "communication and body language
  • Reflection of own communication and body language
  • Communication tips to prevent misunderstandings and conflicts

Contact person

Mareike Schwarz, Bernadette Dawoud, Gavin Theren

0391 5371 263; 0391 5371 264, 0391 5371 201