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“Arriving and getting” – Input for migrants on labor law and co-determination

Getting a foothold in the working world is particularly challenging for migrants. How does working in Germany work? What are the rules and, above all, what rights do I have as an employee? What rights do I have as an employee? These are basics that people who have grown up in other countries cannot know per se and that their future employer does not necessarily tell them. Because they often profit from this lack of knowledge and take advantage of it.

We want to change that! With basic information about the education system and all the things you encounter in your working life. Be it, the child is sick, vacation entitlement, short-time work, etc.. We want to educate – and thus support migrants to be able to appear self-confident and self-determined in working life.

Training agenda

Training course (presence)

Arriving at work

  • The way into the labor market
  • Minimum wage, temporary work, job interview
  • Mini job
  • Placement agency and temporary work

Getting a good job

  • Employment contract
  • Working hours
  • Job reference
  • Short-time work
  • Vacation

Right to work

  • Sickness, accident at work
  • Mobbing/Discrimination
  • Legal protection

Learning targets

  • Participants have an overview of the structure of the German education system in particular the knowledge of the so-called "glass ceilings"
  • The system of temporary work has been internalized
  • Participants are aware of their rights and obligations as employees
  • They know the formalities surrounding their employment contract
  • Capacity to act in the event of racist incidents
  • Knowledge of the interview process

Contact person

Maren Weißhuhn

0361 565730